50 Years of the Workshops of Coruchéus - CML

Brand Imagery & Film
Visual Identity
Web Development

Challenged by the Lisbon City Hall to support the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of this artistic complex located in Bairro de Alvalade and composed of work spaces for visual artists of the city since 1970, 9 developed a set of communication materials to strengthen the idealized initiatives. A project based on the creative development of a series of pieces that invite the whole society to visit and get to know this space, as well as a set of other supports to support the exhibitions and to better explain the core of this complex.


Among the visual identity designed for the commemoration and all the exhibition signage, a video documentary was developed that interviews 13 pioneering artists in the occupation of the ateliers and that can be seen on site as well as on the website created specially for the event:

"A space that gives space to art and
its artists."